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Tip : Using Device Channels of SharePoint 2013 using CloudShare


I've been trying to use the device channels using a CloudShare environment and I've been facing a silly problem that made me lose a bit of time. You could probably encounter the same issue so that's why I'm writing this note.

If you're using the preconfigured SharePoint 2013 Server image, you will likely enable web access so that you can test the device channels with actual mobile devices. If you end-up like me with no error but just SharePoint that keeps ignoring the configuration and launches the default channel whatever device you are using fror browsing, then, you'll be in the same situation than the one I was experiencing :).

Although that might not sound obvious, this is actually due to an AAM issue. In the CloudShare FAQ, they explain that you're supposed to add this AAM if you encounter problems to connect to a SharePoint 2010 environment

In my case, with their default 2013 image, I didn't face any problem other than the fact that SharePoint was not launching the right device channel.

Anyway, I decided to add my vanity URL as an extra AAM public URL and the magic happened! This drove me nuts for a while so that's why I decided to share this tip :)

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Not working


Could you please explain how this worked for you. I use cloudshare and have an intranet publishing site collection. What do I need to do to get device channels working? Nothing seems to work with device channels.

Please help

Indeed, if just for testing I

Indeed, if just for testing I create a device channel that's specific to Firefox essay it's working fine when accessing from the host itself and it isn't when accessing via the Web Access URL.

Michael Robert Brown

I can not thank you adequately for the posts on your web site. I know you'd put a lot of time and effort into them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I'll do exactly the same for someone else at some point.