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Rating System for SharePoint Foundation 2013


I've been asked a few times whether I'd migrate my rating system (MOSS 2007, SharePoint Foundation 2010) to SharePoint Foundation 2013. At first, I wasn't too enthusiastic as I'm doing that during my free time and I had many other things to do.
But it turned out that I've just finished my book on 2013 so I've had a little bit more time to handle that migration. So I did it!
I made a "as is" migration. It means that I didn't add any new feature nor did I make something specific for 2013. It's just working as before.
I had to perform some adjustements regarding the Site Definition & regarding the list view rendering since now, list views are based on Display Templates (JSLink) but that's it. So, installing this new WSP (Farm Solution) onto Foundation 2013 before (or after) having upgraded your 2010 databases should make it just fine!
However, rating discussion boards is now only partially supported, that's the only small difference. This is due to the change in rendering list views and the discussion board is a very specific one.
You can download this 2013 version on CodePlex http://sptoolbasket2013.codeplex.com/

Happy Coding!