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Silver-IT goes mobile


My blog is currently built in Drupal, a choice I made a few years ago because I had absolutely no time to do anything else and I wanted to have a blog up & running in a matter of a few hours with full flexibility and extension capabilities with a perssonal hosting as well, that's the reason why I didn't take any of the blog providers.

That said, I wouldn't say that it was the happiest choice in my life and now I'm too lazy to make a migration (content wise) to something else! As more and more devices visiting the Internet are mobile ones, I have decided to create a mobile version of this blog. If you're using a mobile device, you might already be viewing the mobile version. By the way, if you use an iPhone, don't hesitate to add a shortcut to your home screen to benefit from a full screen view.

I've added a webcast viewer in the mobile view. For now, I have only one webcast but I plan to record some modules soon. I'll start with an ALM module containing a few videos. It's not a new topic nor is it specific to 2013 but I realize in my day to day activities that it's still hard to do good ALM in SharePoint and to handle deployments properly, especially in large shared environments. I'm collaborating a lot with the infrastrcuture teams and understand their concerns when it comes to Farm Management.

That's why I've decided to share my experience around those topics, starting from the very basics to the most complex.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it.