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ALM Module - Part II - Feature Stapling


I have decided to record a new series of videos about ALM (Applciation Lifecycle Management) in SharePoint ouf of real world experience in different enterprises. The topics I'll cover are not particularly new but I intend to bring some added value by giving you some tips and by talking about problems I meet regularly in real world deployments.

Here is the content of this module:

  • Feature Basics
  • Importance of Hidden Features
  • Feature Depencencies
  • Feature Stapling
  • Feature Internal Working and Activation Process during deployments
  • Feature Versioning & Feature Upgrade
  • Farm Solutions vs Sandboxed Solutions vs Apps
  • Farm Solutions deployment tips and automation
  • Farm Solutions Code Review
  • Farm Solutions versioning
  • Sandboxed Solutions
  • Code migration and refactoring pitfalls
  • App Model Introduction
  • SharePoint-Hosted Apps deep dive and ALM considerations

Topics covered in this video:

  • What is feature stapling
  • How to staple features globally
  • Blank Site definition not impacted by GLOBAL
  • Synchronization issues
  • Mitigate synchronization issues

You can access the desktop version of the ALM module here. On the mobile version, just tap the WebCasts button

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