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SharePoint Online Auto Tagger Add-In


I've just released an Auto-Tagging Add-In for SharePoint Online. In a nutshell, it's a Cloud-Hosted App having a remote web site and a remote web service deployed in Azure PaaS.

Therefore, it is required to have an Azure Tenant to test and deploy it. The tagger leverages SharePoint out of the box taxonomy features and is configurable via custom properties associated to terms. By default, no term will be tagged automatically until you explicitely create properties that instruct the tagger how to automatically make the match between the taxonomies and document content.

The tagger is able to handle .docx and .pdf files.

A full documentation is available in PDF format here:


Videos are available on my youtube channel:


The source code can be downloaded either on CodePlex:


either on GitHub:


The package is quite big (+- 60MB) because there are languages dictionaries included and some DLLs that did not resolve well with Nuget.

Happy Coding