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SharePoint Online Auto Tagger Add-In Improvements (Keyword creation, Lemmatization, Entity Recognition, Thresholds ...)


I have improved the Auto-Tagging Add-In, it now comprises the following features:

  • Enterprise Keywords recognition and creation
  • Lemmatization process
  • Named entity recognition (Persons, Organizations and Locations)
  • High Auto-Tagging precision for Managed Termsets thanks to custom properties including regular expressions
  • The possibility to specify thresholds for keyword recognition and creation
  • The possibility to define a noise words list
  • The possibility to deploy the Add-In centrally (from the App-Catalog) and/or locally (installing it inside any SharePoint Site)
  • The possibility to define administrators, meaning people who can manage noise lists and global settings such as thresholds.

A full documentation is available in PDF format here:


Videos are available on my youtube channel:


The source code can be downloaded either on CodePlex:


either on GitHub:


The package is quite big (+- 60MB) because there are languages dictionaries included and some DLLs that did not resolve well with Nuget.

Here is a short teaser that shows a brief highlight of the Add-In :

Happy Coding!



Hi Stephan, will this also work for SharePoint on-prem?

on-prem use


Yes it should work although I wrote it primarily for SharePoint Online. It's a provider-hosted app so if you want to use it on-prem, you'll have to setup either High-Trust (if you host the remote web on-prem too) or Low-Trust (if you host the remote web in Azure).

From a code perspective, it's using mainly CSOM and Remote Event Receivers and third-party libraries. However, it was built as an App, not as a Farm Solution. I might package one in the coming weeks if I see some interests.

Best Regards

Great thank you!

Great thank you!