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New Chopstick on the Ecmascript Client Object Model

Hi All,

I've just recorded a new Chopstick on the SharePoint 2010 EcmaScript client object model API. This new API really rocks and will dramatically improve both the user and developer experience.

In a few words, it allows you to build easily some AJAX-aware components without requiring any AJAX knowledge (or almost). You simply develop as you would do server side.

The API is in charge of the AJAX plumbing behind the scenes. I've just built a sample little treeview control that allows the browing of a document library and to perform read-write operations (deleting files). The full video can ben found here.
The ChopStick can be viewed here (if it doesn't work, download the full video via the link above)

The source code of the sample application is available for download here



Hi Stephane, your material was really useful and it was awesome..


Happy that it could help! Happy coding!


Hi Stephane,

Your screen cast was immensely helpful. I have also downloaded the sources for client model using EcmaScript.
I have a small question though.

Do we have no intellisense for javascript/ecmascript in VS2010 Beta 2/RC and we have to rely only on "sp.debug.js" to look for function prototypes?
Can Visual Studio team add some kind of plug-in for SP.JS and SP.DEBUG.JS so that developers do not refer to sp.debug.js and focus on real business requirements??

Thank you.


Hi Aaroh,

There is indeed an intellisense but it's a bit buggy. Watching in the xxx.debug.js files is not the most user friendly way but helps to identify all the possiblities.

Best Regards