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Rating System for SharePoint Foundation


I've eventually migrated my rating system to SharePoint 2010. Originally, I didn't plan to migrate it since SharePoint 2010 offers an out of the box rating solution but I didn't notice directly that this feature is only available in SharePoint Server and SharePoint Server Enterprise, not in SharePoint Foundation.

Therefore, because of that and also because of some requests on CodePlex, I decided to make an effort and to find the necessary time to make the migration.

Here is a very brief presentation of the solution, for more info, for the manual and to get the source code, please go to
http://sptoolbasket2010.codeplex.com/ and make sure to chose the rating solution.

Rating Documents and list items

You can also rate from the detailed view of an item

Rating Pages

Rating Discussion Boards

Activating comment approval

If you want to control visitors comments before they become published to everyone, you can activate the moderation feature and decide which persons/groups can validate/delete comments. This validation is only controlling the comments, not the rating itself. When comment approval is enabled, all the unapproved comments appear in red and some icons allow moderators to approve or delete them:

You can decide to use a task list, in that case the system will create a task to warn approvers about the new comment and a link to the related item will be added to the task:

Reports & Global Overview

A webpart is available to show all the rated items within the current site, site and subsites or within the entire site collection:

You can also export reports (list/web/site collection) to excel spreasheets:

Site Definition

A site definition is also available in order to benefit from a preconfigured web site:

For the braves who read the full post :), note that this solution is also compatible with SharePoint Server. It has been tested on both Foundation & Server with Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Displaying number of ratings and other data

Is it possible use the number of ratings column in other views? Where is the data stored? I would like create some additional reports/views and get results using search criteria like most responses, highest votes, etc.

Moderator functions not creating tasks

I enabled the moderator function and created a Moderator task list. This list is not getting any tasks created when new comments are posted. Is there any additional set up required to make this work? You documentation references a site collection Document Moderator feature but i don't see any even thought the option is available from site settings where i have the User Ratings enabled.

Average Rating

Does this web part provides average rating?

Average Rating


No, it groups items on their ratings

Besr Regards

Show rating webpart


We added the rating webpart on our page. This works fine. I now added the show rating webpart. I see nothing. Only message no rows.
I loomked at the code from codeplex and after debugging it seems that the CAMl query always returns 0 rows.
When I look at sources and I copy the caml I only get rows when changing lists property to

In your code BaseTemplate is 1 but PageRating list has 0 as base

Is the show rating webpart intended to be placed on pages? Should there be fields added to pages library?

Show ratings


You are right, the show ratings webpart does not take pages into account but feel free to adapt the code to your needs

Best Regards

Show rating

What does the rating webpart show then? rating of a specific item or an overview of different items?

It shows everything but

It shows everything but pages, this means items, documents, blog posts, pictures etc...

Page Rating

Having the ability to rate pages, but not then report on pages that are rated is a pretty severe restriction.

Unfortunately I don't have the access (or the skills) to update the code on the server myself. Our IT guys installed the plugin as-is, and probably wouldn't want to modify the code themselves. Any chance of a new release with page ratings shown on the rating list?

What would be even better is a rating list that can be configured (like a Sharepoint list) with custom filters and sorts etc.

I live in hope ;-)

One last question

I see in the list PageRating a field RatingValue. This is in format like "(3) 1 vote"
How is the user stored that rated the page? Were are comments stored?

Hidden field

It is stored in a hidden field in a serialized form. What you see in the rating value is the computed average

Rating on Picture Library

I have downloaded and installed the rating web part which we are using on our picture gallery in sharpeoint foundation 2010. Unfortunately the rating column in the libaray, when in details view, doesnt show any stars on any items.
Is this by design?

Picture library


Did you associate it with the rigtht content type?

Best Regards

Your web part is awesome!


Your web part is awesome!
However, may I know if it is possible to keep all comments instead of erasing it every time when I rate the document? Thank you.


Comment history


By default, each user can have one single rating/commenting per document/page etc...You could change that behavior for comments by changing the code yourself.

Best Regards

Date is not updated

i have been using the rating web part. But the problem i am facing right now is, it isn't updating the date so when users rate page next time the rating is updated but the date isn't. Is is supposed to be like that. Or what do i have to do to make date update. Thanks in advance.

Date not updated


Indeed...Well, it could be an easy fix so you can indeed change the code if you want. This was never reported before and I didn't notice that. So, according to what you want it could be considered as a bug but certainly not a blocking issue.

Next time I'll update the system, I'll try to pay attention to that.

Happy Coding!

Threaded View on Discussion Board Messed Up

We are using SP2010, if that has anything to do with it, but installed the wsp for SP2010. One would have to decide if this is something you could live without and delete the view. If there was any way you could fix the display of that view that would be awesome!


Threaded view


Indeed, I just redownloaded the solution from CodePlex and I observe the same behavior although I could swear it was working fine. I'll have a look and I'll keep you posted.

Best Regards

Hi, I fixed the problem and


I fixed the problem and reuploaded the new solution on CodePlex.

Best Regards