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All the posts tagged with Speaker refer to conferences I've been involved as a speaker.

SharePoint conference at the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) on September 15


I'll be presenting a session at the MIC on September 15 2010 along with a few others fellow SharePoint guys. The covered topics are quite exciting:

- SharePoint workflows
- Building BCS over custom WCF services
- InfoPath 2010
- Querying data in SharePoint 2010 (LINQ, CAML, RESTFUL) + using XLST to render views
- The Client Object Model (Silverlight, .NET & ECMAScript)

The full description & registration (it's free) page is available here :


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What I presented at the BIWUG

Warning: I've just (on Sun. may 16) re-amended the code to be compatible with the RTM.
Today, after a trafic jam session (thanks Vilvoorde...) because of which I got late, I presented a session on how WCF is integrated into SharePoint 2010 beta2 (I've not tested yet on the RTM bits) and more particularly how you can benefit from the RESTFUL services and more particularly from ListData.svc.

BIWUG Videos published

Hi All,

My session on SPLINQ has been published on Channel 9 at http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/katriendg/BIWUG-session-LINQ-to-SharePoint/. You can watch the other sessions at http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/katriendg.

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I'll be presenting a session for the BIWUG next tuesday on SPLINQ and CAML. You can download the windows application I'll be demonstrating.

Here is a screenshot of the application