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Leveraging oData using the built-in SharePoint 2010 data factory


I've just recorded a video on the above topic


You can download the source code here

If you want to watch the French version, you can watch it on MSDN:


Update:if you have troubles watching the video on channel9 (see comments below), you can read it from my own site http://www.silver-it.com/default/files/videos/oDataen.wmv

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using jQuery with ListData.svc and redirecting the user when not logged in using FBA


When querying ListData.svc directly from AJAX, if your SharePoint web application is configured using Windows Authentication with either NTLM or Kerberos, your browser will either transmit your credentials automatically (Internet Explorer), either will prompt you to let you logging in (other than IE).

This behavior is not similar when trying to perform AJAX queries in FBA mode, so when your SharePoint web app is set up to use FBA combined to CBA.

In that case, the following piece of code:

would branch to the error part in case you're not yet authenticated. To handle that, you can redirect the user to the regular SharePoint login page so that he gets this:

To handle that, you can use a piece of code looking like this one:

where you test the returned status which is 302 with Firefox & 12150 with IE 8 for some reason...In case this error is returned, you just redirect the user by building the new URL dynamically. SharePoint will do the remainder and the user will be redirected back to the current page after authentication gets complete.

What I presented at the BIWUG

Warning: I've just (on Sun. may 16) re-amended the code to be compatible with the RTM.
Today, after a trafic jam session (thanks Vilvoorde...) because of which I got late, I presented a session on how WCF is integrated into SharePoint 2010 beta2 (I've not tested yet on the RTM bits) and more particularly how you can benefit from the RESTFUL services and more particularly from ListData.svc.

BIWUG Videos published

Hi All,

My session on SPLINQ has been published on Channel 9 at http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/katriendg/BIWUG-session-LINQ-to-SharePoint/. You can watch the other sessions at http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/katriendg.

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ChopStick SharePoint and jQuery


I made a ChopStick Video on SharePoint and jQuery. Two examples are described :

1) The first example is a custom field type that you can add to any document library and that returns the main properties of any document by clicking on it in a fast and user-friendly way. Thanks to the jQuery code embedded in the CAML of the custom field type, the properties are returned via an AJAX query that calls lists.asmx to get the properties.

This example is the main topic of the video and is rebuilt from scratch.

Using AJAX Jquery-like in the CAML of Custom Field Types

Update : you can watch my Chopstick video here on the topic
The raw view of custom field types can be rendered using the CAML specified in the FLDTYPES_youfile.xml. This CAML allows you to input client code such as HTML markup, CSS and Javascript code.
Therefore you can benefit from the power of AJAX to perform asynchroneous queries to interact with the server without reloading the page when the server answers.

Here are the easy steps you can do to perform such a task :