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Auto Tagger

On-Premises SharePoint Auto Tagger solution now available


As some of you asked, I developed a FARM solution that targets On-Premises SharePoint installations. Deploying the solution is an easy game since it's about deploying the WSP to your FARM. I've updated the CodePlex project and ajusted the documentation accordingly. Just download the version of your choice (Cloud or On-Premises) available here https://spoautotagging.codeplex.com/

Happy Coding!

SharePoint Online Auto Tagger Add-In Improvements (Keyword creation, Lemmatization, Entity Recognition, Thresholds ...)


I have improved the Auto-Tagging Add-In, it now comprises the following features:

  • Enterprise Keywords recognition and creation
  • Lemmatization process
  • Named entity recognition (Persons, Organizations and Locations)
  • High Auto-Tagging precision for Managed Termsets thanks to custom properties including regular expressions
  • The possibility to specify thresholds for keyword recognition and creation
  • The possibility to define a noise words list